We offer a range of traditional butchery services, offering the finest Beef, Lamb, Pork and Poultry. We use the finest locally sourced Irish meat, ensuring you get the very best quality and flavour from your food, whether it be a Sunday Roast, or a midweek meal.

As you stand in our shop, you will be welcomed and get to see our product, and watch it being cut to your requirements. You are welcome to ask questions, get advice and cooking tips from our expert headchef.



In addition to Traditional butchery we have an in house chef, renowned for his culinary skills, with many years experience in the hotel industry, cooking daily our hot, tasty, nutritious dinners.

As you enter the shop you will smell the meat juices and cant wait to get stuck in. You will have plenty of choice. Our succulent and juicy meats served with plenty locally sourced vegetables cooked al dente, mash, golden roasties, stuffing and crowned with proper gravy.

All sauces and gravies used are free of additives. Gluten free options are available daily.

Whether you are passing through Rathmore or local we have something that you will crave about.


You will be spoilt for choice whether you are looking for the sandwich filler, a salad plate, a to go lunch or dinner on a busy day, having some friends and family around we have it all at your convenience.  We are passionate about freshness and taste, now more that ever is there a growing appreciation for traditional processes that is evident in the end product.  All our whole cuts are from our butchery department cooked in house.

We have an extensive range of salads all prepared in house from locally sourced vegetables, all gluten free, free of additives, sold in portions of your choice, making for a superb eating experience that is difficult to replicate . Daily we have an extensive range of freshly prepared soups, chowders, freshly cooked “heat to eat meals” and “cook in the tray meals”  all freshly cooked for your convenience.

The choice changes daily, quality and freshness is assured.  Here at McCarthy’s we go out of our way to make sure everything is just right and don’t cut corners.

We offer a home catering service hot or cold, speak with Tim or Denis who will discuss your options and help you plan your party.

Sandwiches are also made to order, choose from our cold cuts or why not choose a filler from our carvery, the choice is yours.


Advantages to buying
from a deli counter

  1.  Deli cuts are fresher, there is no comparison between eating a delicious sandwich or salad plate  made from whole cut, freshly cooked meat rather than from meat that has been sitting in a vacuum sealed package for weeks or months.
  2. Deli ingredients are higher quality and a superior product – Best quality is achieved by buying at a deli counter, even the better brands can’t compete.  At McCarthy’s we use the best ingredients and have a deep knowledge that spans 7 generations.
  3. Deli cuts are healthier, its is fact that highly processed foods tend to have high sodium content and are packed with preservatives, which can increase the risk of cancer.  The artificial ingredients of processed foods are extremely low in nutrition, which increases the risk of illness and poor health.
  4. You Get an Authenitc Experience  In addition to the taste and health factors you have to take into account the ambience and atmosphere you get when walking into McCarthy Butchers.  McCarthy Butchers is an experience, its warm and inviting, there is a sense of community, a place where customers can chat and catch up on news in the locality.

Locally produced
Artisan Items

We stock a wide range of locally produced artisan items including our very own pate and chowder, Micilin Muc sausages and sausage rolls, Ballymac Dairy products, Killarney Honey, Old Irish Creamery Cheeses, Follain Jams & Relishes, Cork Murphy Co Jams & relishes and Skellig Jams.

We also stock freshly baked apple and rhubarb tarts and traditional cakes.

Why buy Artisan?

  1.  It’s a celebration of our living culture, handmade is about people and not machines.  It ensures traditional craft skills are kept alive
  2. Buying Artisan is sustainable, it is profit on page and profit in reality, it is the real thing.
  3. By supporting local producers, revenue stays within the country, taxes are paid in the country and  money is generated.

Reasons to seek out
a trusted local Butcher

  1. Meat is locally sourced from farmers in your community, rather than from factory farms
  2. Animals on smaller farms are generally treated more humanely than those in larger operations
  3. Shopping at your local butchers helps support your local economy
  4. Your meals will taste better
  5. The quality of meat you receive will be better, your butcher knows which cut will work best for you

Some questions to
ask your Butcher

Where do your animals come from? 
Here at McCarthy Butchers, animals are sourced from local farmers.

Are the animals grass fed?
The best quality meat you will find is grass fed, local and aged appropriately.

Do you do all the butchering yourself?
What you are looking for is transparency, a good butcher is more intimately acquainted with the meat. McCarthy's staff will talk to you about what you want and help you find the best cuts for what you need.

"An animal needs 4 things: a good life, a good death, a good butcher, and a good cook"

-Dario Checchini