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The resurgence of Butcher shops means great things for food lovers! More than getting better quality meats, there is something satisfying about having your own butcher, one that knows you by name, one that cares about his craft and doing things right.

Just as more people are flocking to farmers markets for fresher produce and a greater connection to where their food comes from, most people are demanding better quality and locally sourced meats.

The McCarthy family have been butchering in the Sliabh Luachra area since 1767, commencing with a slaughter house and shop in Knocknagree.

Each generation passing on the skill and expertise to the next generation. Tim is the 6th generation of  butcher, leaving  school at 12 years of age to join the family business in 1968. Denis is the 7th generation, joining his father in business in 2016.  Denis learning the art of butchery and skill from his father, that is why quality is always guaranteed at McCarthy Butchers.


Reasons to seek out
a trusted local Butcher

  1. Meat is locally sourced from farmers in your community, rather than from factory farms
  2. Animals on smaller farms are generally treated more humanely than those in larger operations
  3. Shopping at your local butchers helps support your local economy
  4. Your meals will taste better
  5. The quality of meat you receive will be better, your butcher knows which cut will work best for you

Some questions to
ask your Butcher

Where do your animals come from? 
Here at McCarthy Butchers, animals are sourced from local farmers.

Are the animals grass fed?
The best quality meat you will find is grass fed, local and aged appropriately.

Do you do all the butchering yourself?
What you are looking for is transparency, a good butcher is more intimately acquainted with the meat. McCarthy's staff will talk to you about what you want and help you find the best cuts for what you need.

"An animal needs 4 things: a good life, a good death, a good butcher, and a good cook"

-Dario Checchini